Industrial and Technical Design

Good design
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We follow the global trends in design and production, and determine simple and functional product criteria with an awareness of sustainability. With the 3D technology we use, we design the product in detail in virtual environment with real quality. We focus on functionality and performance by eliminating redundancies with virtual operation tests.

Mold - Innovation and Sustainability in Machine Design at Des Mühendislik

Des Engineering is constantly at the forefront of redefining the landscape of industrial and technical design. Our commitment to innovative, sustainable and effective design is rooted in adapting to global design and manufacturing trends. The rapid pace of technological progress creates new possibilities in design and Des Engineering is dedicated to taking advantage of these opportunities for our customers. We identify and incorporate best practices from around the world, ensuring that our designs meet global standards while being unique in functionality and aesthetics.

Mold Design

At Des Engineering, sustainability is not an afterthought; is at the heart of our design philosophy. We are deeply aware of the ecological impact of our design and manufacturing processes and are actively working to minimize our environmental footprint. We use materials, technologies and processes that align with these values and design our products to be durable and long-lasting, reducing waste and promoting a circular economy.

Product Design with 3D Technology

Our use of 3D technology is a testament to our commitment to innovation. This advanced tool allows us to design digital media before making products a reality. This process ensures optimum quality control and facilitates a rigorous testing phase to eliminate excess. By doing this, we can ensure the functionality and performance of the product while conserving resources and reducing time to market.

Functionality and Performance in Mold / Machine Design

We believe that design should not compromise functionality or performance. That's why our design principles focus on creating products that are easy to use, efficient and robust. By combining aesthetics with functionality, we ensure that every aspect of the product serves a purpose and enhances the user experience.

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Integrated Factory Structure

We Have Strength in Our Structure

What makes us strong is that we carry out all of our R&D, Design, Analysis, Prototyping and Production activities completely in-house.
Our teammates, who have full command of all processes, carry out project works in this direction, accelerating the flow, and enabling us to take quick actions in cases that require instant revision.

In the Dynamic World of Engineering Mold / Machinery

Promoting Innovation Through R&D: Research and Development (R&D) is the backbone of technological progress and Des Engineering is aware of its critical role in driving innovation. With their integrated approach, R&D teams work closely with designers, analysts and production experts to develop ideas collectively from the idea to the realization stage. This harmonious synergy ensures that creative solutions are not lost in translation, resulting in products that truly meet the needs of the market.

Excellent Design: Design is an important differentiator for successful engineering companies in an ever-evolving market. Des Mühendislik's integrated factory structure empowers design teams with a holistic view of the entire product lifecycle. By being involved from the early stages of development, designers can create products that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also optimized for manufacturability and performance.

Analysis for Precision: Precision engineering is an indisputable aspect of successful projects. The integrated factory structure at Des Mühendislik enables seamless collaboration between the design and analysis teams. With rapid feedback loops and continuous information exchange, the analysis phase becomes more efficient, leading to potential problems being identified and resolved early in the development process.

Prototyping with Confidence: Prototyping is a crucial step in validating designs and ensuring they meet desired specifications. With its in-house prototyping capabilities, Des Engineering can quickly build and test prototypes, shorten lead times, and accelerate product development. This approach enables them to make informed decisions based on real-world performance data, resulting in more reliable end products.

Production: The last piece of the puzzle is production. By seamlessly integrating all processes, Des Engineering's production teams benefit from a deep understanding of the product's purpose and requirements. This comprehensive knowledge leads to smoother production processes, reduced errors and better quality control, ultimately providing a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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Passion, Dedication, Experience

When combined with passion and dedication, a good idea turns into a great product. As a team, we aim to produce the best product using the most efficient processes by blending your ideas with our passion and experience.

Comprehensive Manufacturing Solutions

As Des Engineering, we are proud to offer a comprehensive range of production solutions. From sheet metal exterior mold to product office project management, we collaborate with industry-leading partner companies to provide end-to-end solutions. This approach allows us to provide turnkey solutions to our customers, saving time and effort while maintaining superior quality throughout the process.

Meeting Industry Needs in Mold Production

We understand that each sector has its own unique requirements and we shape our production services accordingly. For the white goods, automotive and heating-cooling industries, our engineers and production team specialize in creating molds and sheet metal parts that meet the unique demands of each industry. This particular approach ensures that our products are not only functional, but also perfectly aligned with market requirements.

Advanced Technology and Precision in Machine Production

Adopting the latest technology is essential in the modern engineering environment. At Des Engineering, we are constantly investing in advanced machinery and tools to improve our production capacity. The combination of experienced craftsmanship and precision technology ensures that every product we produce is of the highest quality with great attention to detail.

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Creating a Product from Idea

Our feature that makes us strong; R&D, Design, Analysis, Prototyping and Production activities are all carried out within our own structure.

Our teammates, who have full knowledge of all processes, carry out project work in this direction, speeding up the flow and enabling us to take quick action in cases that require instant revision.

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